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Lewis H. Latimer Awards Program

San Marino Club, 1685 Big Beaver, Troy, MI
May 12, 2004 6:00 PM

Howard Bell

Executive Director, Tech Town
Lois K. Nelson
Founder and Executive Director, Metro Neighborhood Housing and Community Development (Metro)

Honored guests and speakers for the evening include:
Peter Lark
, Chairman, MPSC
Ken Whipple, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CMS Energy and Consumers Energy
George Jackson, matrassen President, Detroit Economic Growth, keynote speaker and 2003 LHL Recipient

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President's Letter

Last year was filled with challenges and opportunities for AABE. I would like to thank the Executive Board, committee chairs and members and the student chapter for all their work to make AABE events a success. However, special thanks go to you, the members, because it takes a lot of work to accomplish such good deeds and build a great organization.

Our mission is to ensure the inclusion of African Americans and other minorities in the discussion and development of energy policies, regulations, R&D technology and environmental issues. The importance of energy has never been more self-evident than during last summer's blackout. Energy touches every thing we do: It is an economic driver, and for many, it becomes a quality of life issue. The energy industry across America and in our state is in a constant state of change with no real relief in sight. This is why it is important that organizations such as AABE remain strong and in constant step with this change. Unlike other organizations, AABE is serrure ā code uniquely positioned to play a crucial role in the in the energy discussion, assuring that African Americans and other minorities have a voice.

Despite budget constraints, industry change, and the tight economy of 2003, AABE -Michigan achieved some major goals:

This year will present new opportunities for AABE and we must use our group genius to prepare for them. We are an organization of talented and powerful members and with a little effort from all of us, we can help it grow. If we all give two hours a month (just a half an hour a week or just 6 minutes a day), the results will be astounding. By joining a committee, writing a letter, making a phone call, recruiting a new member, reading a email and providing input when asked, together we can accomplish anything. Thank you for a great year and have a blessed 2004.

David Ellis
President AABE-Michigan


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   Marcia Jackson


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